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Osakis Lake Association

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Overseeing the Well-Being of Lake Osakis

At Osakis Lake Association (OLA) we operate as a non-profit, membership-supported organization formed to promote the protection and improvement of Lake Osakis in Osakis, Minnesota. Established in 1976, we have been diligently overseeing the Lake’s quality for some 35+ years.


With a surface area totaling over 6,000 acres, and with nearly half of that existing as critical littoral habitat, our founders felt it was of the utmost importance to protect everything that Lake Osakis has to offer for future generations. Today OLA acts as a voice for Lake Osakis. Our primary efforts are to restore, enhance, and protect the Lake’s water quality and fishery. As a non-profit organization, we accomplish our efforts by working closely with lakeshore owners, city and state agencies, and other groups who share in the same interest to protect Lake Osakis.


From fishing and boating, to family friendly swimming and lakeshore ownership, everyone who is a part OLA works to ensure that Lake Osakis continues as a place of enjoyment throughout the year. Contact us for additional details about our upcoming activities, to make a donation, or to learn about becoming a member. Complete and return our Membership Form to join today!


Lake Osakis Trivia

  • City: Located in Osakis, Minnesota
  • County: Primarily Located in Todd County and Douglas County
  • Lake Surface Area: 6,389 Acres
  • Maximum Depth: 73 Feet
  • Headwaters of The Sauk River
  • Fish Species Include: Walleye, Black Crappie, Bluegill, Largemouth Bass, Northern Pike, Pumpkinseed, Rock Bass, Smallmouth Bass, White Sucker, Bowfin (Dogfish), Brown Bullhead, Common Carp, Yellow Bullhead, Black Bullhead, and Yellow Perch


Osakis Lake Association Board of Directors

Bruce Magnus~President
Phone: 507-951-1332

Doug Schmidt ~ Vice President

 Mike Helwig~Secretary

Stephanie McKee Michals ~ Treasurer

Gary Barber

Chris Lawin

Tammy Hase

Sandy Gallus

Fred Pacovsky





Greg Graves

Jim McComb         

Dick Nelson         

Maria Farnsworth

Troy Thomas