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The Osakis Lake Association is a Minnesota non-profit and holds 501c3 status, therefore all donations are tax deductible. We greatly appreciate any nominal contribution that you can make, all donations go towards existing or future projects implemented to Restore, Enhance, and Protect Lake Osakis. OLA thanks you for your consideration and generosity. -

Actively Taking Part in Projects that Promote the Conservation &Successful Future of Lake Osakis

Throughout the years the Osakis Lake Association, with the endorsement and support of various agencies, groups, and volunteers, has accomplished and been an active partner on many projects. Donating our time, talents, and often nominal resources, the OLA has assisted with the following projects, and will continue to be involved whenever possible.


~ Baugh’s Creek Walleye Spawning Habitat

Members of OLA assisted with gravel and rock riffle placement to improve walleye spawning and egg hatching success. We also assisted with shoreline bank stabilization to reduce erosion and siltation that would negatively effect spawning areas in Lake Osakis.


~ Long Prairie River Diversion Dam Project

The project included the closure of drainage ditches, preventing further water from the Long Prairie River to enter into Lake Osakis. Executing this project also helped to prevent invasive species (Zebra Mussels) from entering Lake Osakis by means of the Alexandria Chain of Lakes.


~ Clifford & Faille Alum Treatment Project

This project assisted with improving Lake Osakis’ water quality by removing phosphorous from surrounding tributary lakes.


~ Curly-Leaf Pondweed Pilot Project

The OLA assisted in raising $100,000 in three years to help control and prevent further growth of invasive curly-leaf pondweed.


~ Walleye Raffle Stocking Program

Through on-going support from the OLA and other agencies, over 45,000 walleye fingerlings have been stocked from the raffle’s proceeds.


~ JD2 Sedimentation Basin Project

This project helps to prevent over 200 cubic yards of heavy sidement from entering Lake Osakis each year.


~ 2014 Bog Removal Project

The OLA provided a $5,000 donation match to remove a three acre bog that was causing damage to shoreline and lakeshore owner property.