It takes a Community to Protect Our Precious Natural Resources

As a non-profit organization formed to oversee the well-being of natural resource, Lake Osakis, we work with several individuals, organizations, and public entities. One of our goals is to be an active public resource for lakeshore owners, residents, and visitors seeking to enjoy Lake Osakis. We encourage you to contact us or any of the below resources when it comes to questions or concerns about Lake Osakis or any other area source.


(Annual membership is June 1st through May 31)

Lakeshore Resources

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MN-DNR)

  • Conservation Officer Holt: 218-556-0090
  • Glenwood Fisheries Office: 320-634-7321
  • Turn in Poachers Hotline: 1-800-652-9093

Todd County

  • Commissioner Randy Neuman: 320-859-5970
  • Soil & Water, Planning & Zoning: 320-732-2644
  • Ditch/ Agriculture Inspector: 320-533-4651

Douglas County

  • Commissioner Jerry Rapp: 320-852-6999
  • Land & Resource Management: 320-762-3863
  • Ditch/ Agriculture Inspector: 320-352-2231

Other Resources

  • Sauk River Watershed District: 320-352-2231
  • Osakis City Hall: 320-859-2150
  • Douglas County Sheriff: 320-762-8151
  • Todd County Sheriff: 320-732-2157
  • Osakis City Police: 320-859-2550
  • MN Board of Water & Soil: 218-828-2383
  • MN Pollution Control Agency: 218-828-2492