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Osakis Lake Association

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Osakis, MN 56360


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Restore. Enhance. Protect.

The Osakis Lake Association was established on September 26, 1976. For over 35 years our association has worked with thousands of individuals, organizations, and public entities all contributing their time, talents, and financial resources to support shared goals and objectives.


The services we provide directly correlate to OLA’s purpose, which is as follows:

➡ To restore, enhance, and protect the water quality and fishery of Lake Osakis.


➡ To improve, manage, and preserver the local environment bordering the lake and its surrounding watershed.


➡ To support the rights and interests of association members and property owners.


➡ To educate and develop working relationships with agencies, organizations, and individuals.


We encourage you to visit our Activities section to see examples of projects that the OLA has actively been involved in.