Lake Improvement District - LID

This is the future home of the Proposed Lake Improvement District - Check back often for more updates!

A meeting will be held to discuss the future of the Lake Improvement District for Lake Osakis, spanning both Douglas and Todd Counties.

The Petition of Todd and Douglas County Commissioners and City of Osakis asking them to create a Lake
Improvement District (LID) is enclosed. This would result in lake property assessments by the county. The
county would be the taxing authority. Osakis Lake Association Fund raisers, Donations and Grants would
contribute to decrease the 848-Lake Property owner’s cost. A public meeting will be part of this process
which will be announced later. The LID will be vital for us to fund the much-needed improvements to Lake
Osakis making it more enjoyable for years to come.
To learn more about a LID use the following link: